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The place of freshness in India – GOA

Goa is just like the small city of India. If anyone heard the word ‘GOA’, the first thought that comes to mind is beaches. In fact, Goa is #1 on the list for beaches. From North to South of Goa for every five minutes of travel, you find the beach. Goa is also famous for historical monuments, adventure sports, parting on the beach till dusk, and many more. It is the smallest state in India in terms of geographical area. It carries a vast spectrum of cultural practices. It is a blend of ancient Portuguese colonies, sandy shores, forests, monuments,s, and delightful cuisine.

Places in Goa for the wedding-

For a destination wedding in Goa. There are various luxury and budgetary options venues. The hospitality of places and hotels have a mix of indoor and outdoor venues to host nuptials and their guests. The hotels not only offer excellent location but also incredible service as well. These all are very suitable for engagement and pre-wedding ceremonies, perfect for sangeet night or reception parties. In Goa, most of the hotels have a white sand beach and it is ideal to have a sunset beach wedding. The famous and most asked 5-star premium hotels in Goa for a wedding include ITC Grand Goa, Grand Hyatt, Taj Aguada, and Marriott Goa in the premium category. A new Taj property opened beside forwarding de Goa that is also very popular. In the category of 4-star hotels in Kenilworth, Royal Orchid, and Bagmallo Beach resort.

Special Goan cuisine-

In Goa, the food specialty is much important part of the wedding. There is a unique flavor of cuisine. Goa Cuisine is famous for its rich variety of fish dishes cooked with elaborate recipes. Coconut and coconut oil are widely applied in Goan cooking along with chili peppers, spices, and vinegar is used in the generic cuisine, giving the food a different flavor, and these all are healthy for you. Goan cuisine is heavily influenced by Portuguese cuisine. The lion’s share famous alcoholic beverage in Goa is feni, cashew feni is built from the run of the fruit of the cashew tree, while coconut feni is made from the disable of toddy palms. The break is another local liquor prepared from Cashew fruit. Goa also has a rich wine culture. You and your loving ones really enjoy the wedding and the delicious cuisine Destination wedding in Goa.

Wedding cost in Goa-

A unique setting that draws from Goan-Portuguese planning that is best for statement weddings. A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa are also available there. From lush lawns and private beach fronts to pretty appointed indoor spaces, the center also houses one of the high free-form swimming pools in the country which is enclosed by water slides. This venue is perfect for hosting a hot-themed wedding. Its spacious ballrooms boast of planning splendor, and a night function under the lights of the stars on the Sunset Lawns is guaranteed to be an amazing experience. This place is best situated in the heart of the people, making it easy for guests to move around in between the wedding functions. In all the hotels there are more than a hundred rooms and typically the cost starts from law prize and goes up to lakhs. But seriously you and your loving enjoy the most and never forget its lifetime.


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